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Abortion- Right to Choose essays

Abortion- Right to Choose essays Abortion is one of the most controversial issues around, and is an issue that will never be agreed upon. No government or group of people should assume that they have the right to dictate a persons life choices. People who say that they are "against abortion" are in effect no more than "anti-choice". These people want to put the life and future of a woman into the hands of the government. The choice a woman may make about abortion is private and should not be open to debate. The question of morality should not even come into play when considering abortion, because in this case the question is not of morality but of choice and constitutionality. In fact this right is protected by the ninth amendment, under which it states: "The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people." This amendment allows, up to the end of the first trimester, the woman to have an abortion. This amendment in turn, is guaranteeing a woman a choice. People may say that abortion is the killing of a child, period. However, the "pro-choice" point of view is that a fetus is not yet a baby because it has yet to posses the criteria derived from our understanding of living human beings. As for the opposition who are against abortion, they seem to forget real life troubles that encompass having a child. One example is how the life of that person may be ruined if they are not given the option of abortion. An additional item not considered is the serious family strife that will be the result if a baby is forced to be born. With this alternatives arise such as adoption. The majority of people looking to adopt are middle class couples. Another fact is that most of the babies given up for adoption (or that are aborted) are of a mixed race. And, the truth is, is that most of the adopters do not want these types of children. This is a sad fact, but is tru ...

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Managing Projects Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Managing Projects - Essay Example Another aspect of global or domestic management is ability of project manager to be able to monitor a project closely and control different dimensions such as, cost, quality and integration. These differences are sometime very different and sometimes very similar distinctions that can leave company leaders looking for contingency plans. Organization looking to get into globalization must take into consideration such differing factors as the language, expatriate, cultural, political, legal, economic, technological and many more that exist between the US and foreign countries. But only four of these items will be discussed in regards to globalization and the problems companies facing when venturing into foreign countries. The most common barrier organizations encounter going into foreign countries is language barriers. There are unspoken signals and gestures that are non verbal form of communication that that sometimes may be disregarded. Non verbal forms of communication include gestures, body language and semiotics, which refer to the underlying meaning of signs. Companies also encounter the issue of translation of document in English to various languages. For instance, the company I work for have subsidiaries in China, Japan, Taiwan and other parts of the world. On several occasion we have had problems with translations of our documents into various languages. ... ntages to the project team but more careful attention need to be given to development work, more careful attention needs to be given to the team of what is expected of them. Expatriates face the difficult of local team members not wanting to share their knowledge or lend a helping hand to an outsider. Using expatriates can be costly because the organization would have to provide housing and transportation and other amenities for the duration of the project. Cultural differences can be sub-group into attitudes, beliefs and values. Employee attitudes differ from country to country and this affects the way consumers in foreign countries react to certain scenarios. For instance, people in some foreign countries beliefs that a man should be the head of a business unit but in the US we belief in placing the most qualified person in the position. In terms of attitude, some cultures do not allow lower level employees to speak during a business because the respect is supposed to go to the head of the department. Lower level employees are required to brief their boss on every aspect of the business before the meet and during the meeting they are not allowed to comment or contradict. To illustrate how cultural differences can affect an international country I will use the example of the company I for, we were so insensitive to the religious beliefs of our Muslim countries who we conduct business with that we use a bi-product made from pig intestin e and at the end the drug product was reject by the Health Authorities of those countries. We had to find a substitute for the bi-product in order to keep the drug on the market. Other area of importance for companies to consider when entering into foreign markets is politics, which reflects the importance of the government and the legal

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Calculated Versus Observed Underwater Sound Speed Essay

Calculated Versus Observed Underwater Sound Speed - Essay Example The speed of sound in air is approximately figured out by the formula . . . speed of sound (m/s) = 331.5 + 0.60 T(C). The speed or velocity, at which sound travels through water was first researched by Sir Isaac Newton in 1687 when he found that measurements of sound in fluids relied only on the physical properties of the fluid, such as elasticity and density (Funk & Wagnalls). The speed of sound in water is about four times greater than that in air. Although this seems to contradict the physical law that the denser the gas, the slower the speed of sound, the sound speed is actually determined more by the elasticity of the medium (Urick, 1983). In 1822, Daniel Colloden used an underwater bell in an attempt to calculate the speed of sound underwater in Lake Geneva, Switzerland. His attempts resulted in figures remarkably close to today's accepted values (Acoustics . . . 2006). But sound speed cannot be discussed without mention of Jaque Sturm, French mathematician, who made the first accurate measurements of sound velocity in water in 1826. World War I created a great necessity to study the propagation of sound under water, with more progress in World War II and increased understanding from current research (Funk & Wagnalls). ... His attempts resulted in figures remarkably close to today's accepted values (Acoustics . . . 2006). But sound speed cannot be discussed without mention of Jaque Sturm, French mathematician, who made the first accurate measurements of sound velocity in water in 1826. World War I created a great necessity to study the propagation of sound under water, with more progress in World War II and increased understanding from current research (Funk & Wagnalls). The fact that sound moves in a straight line in a medium of equal density (ibid.) led to studies of water variables. Sonar's accuracy depends upon: 1. The reflection of sounds propagated in water. 2. Whether sound is reflecting or refracting. 3. Levels of salinity, while generally constant in the open ocean, greatly changes how sound travels through shallow water. 4. Temperature, a foremost factor in sound speed calculations, usually becomes lower at greater depths of water, decreasing sound speed at about 3 m/sec per degree Celsius. Below 1000m, though, temperature becomes generally constant and pressure is the predominant consideration. But a depth change of about 165m can cause the same change in sound speed as a one-degree temperature drop. Acoustic Tomography (a type of underwater CT scan) and Sofar Floats are examples of technologies and instruments that measure the movement of large scale ocean water mass. A unique feature of the ocean is the Sofar Channel in the upper regions of the deep ocean. In this layer of the ocean, at about 1250 meters below the surface in the northwest Atlantic, the temperature and pressure act to provide a "long range acoustic path or channel"(Acoustic . . . 2006). The SOFAR float is an instrument designed to be neutrally buoyant at a certain depth and

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Promote communication in health and social care Essay Example for Free

Promote communication in health and social care Essay Communication is one of the most essential tools we have to help us interact with other people around us. We use it constantly in our everyday lives whether it be at work, with friends or at home with our families. The way we communicate reflects our personality and the way we come across to other people and build trust and relationships. Reasons why people communicate. †¢ Building relationships with the people around us †¢ Maintaining relationships †¢ Sharing ideas and thoughts †¢ Expressing feelings and needs †¢ Gaining reassurance and acknowledgement †¢ Gaining information and sharing information When we have a new child starting we have an â€Å"all about me† form that we ask the parent to complete. We do this to get to know the child and his/her likes and dislikes so that they can feel comfortable and to start building a relationship with that child and parent. We sit down with the parent to have a talk about this and also ask them if they would like a drink so that they feel welcome and at ease. As well as building relationships with the children and parents it is important to build relationships with the people we work with. Asking them questions about themselves and telling them about yourself. When a parent brings a child in in the morning we greet them and the child saying good morning and smiling. Likewise when the child is collected saying goodbye and taking time talking to the parent about the childs day. This helps maintain the relationship with the parent and child. Letting them know that we have time to speak to them and to listen. Likewise talking to the other staff members about their interests or if they had a nice weekend. Greeting them when coming in also helps to maintain a good working relationship with them. It is important for adults as well as children that they feel listened to and feel like their ideas and thoughts are important. Listening to a child will not only help build a relationship with that child but also make the child feel valued and build their self esteem. Also listening to what they have to say and respecting their feelings is an important way to meet the childs needs. When we meet new people one of the first things we do is to share and gain information with that person. This will help to establish a relationship with that person. This is also a vital part of working well with other people. When starting at the setting I first of all did this with the other staff by telling them about me and learning about them and also learning about the setting and how they do things there. With the children I asked them questions like their names and about the important people in their lives. This has helped me build relationships not just with the children at the setting but also t he people that I work with. Especially with the children that I work with I am finding it very important in building a relationship with them to reassure them and acknowledge their achievements. Praising them and showing them with my body language that they are important. They respond well to doing â€Å"high 5s† and keeping eye contact while they are talking to me. Likewise using some of the same tools with parents and colleagues help to acknowledge and reassure them that I am interested in what they have to say. It is very important to be able to communicate well with the people you work with. Not just to be happy yourself and to feel valued but also to provide the best care for the children in your setting. It is also important to be able to communicate well with the parents so that they feel that their needs are being met. They need to be able to leave the children in your care knowing that they will be safe and happy. When communicating with people we dont just use our voices but also non-verbal communication like eye contact, touch and body language. The non-verbal communication can be more powerful than the verbal. At the setting where I work we have a little boy who isnt using many words yet to communicate. He will come and take your hand and show you what it is he  wants. Using the information we have in the â€Å"all about me† form we know that he likes animals and to watch The Jungle Book on DVD. So we get the animals out and talk to him about them, asking him what noises those animals make and what they like to eat. Non-verbal communication is also very powerful when speaking to adults. Looking a the person you are speaking to can give you an idea of how they are feeling and also how they are reacting to what you are saying. The way you say some thing might be understood one way face to face with a person but will be understood differently over the telephone. Likewise listening skills are a very good tool to communicate well with the people around you. If you dont take time to listen to the children you will not be able to build a relationship with them. Also being able to learn from the other staff at your setting is important and would be impossible without good listening skills. If the communication isnt clear it can lead to misunderstanding. This can happen easily especially with children at a young age. It can also be a factor that a child, parent or colleague come from a different culture. As I am from Denmark but have lived in the UK for more than 13 years now I have felt this first hand. When I first moved here I worked with a man who used to speak to me as if I didnt understand. That made me feel like I was inadequate whereas he probably thought he was helping me. On the other hand I have had people using long and difficult words that I didnt understand and therefore making me feel less able to communicate with them. Feeling comfortable enough to ask questions and to say to the people you work with that you didnt understand is very important so that misunderstandings dont happen. Using different skills of communication would also be very helpful to make sure that the person you are talking to will be able to understand you. You might have to simplify y our language or use visual aids like pictures or in some cases have to use outside help like a translator or a speech therapist. To me good communication is all about building relationships with the people around you. This is even more important in the area of work that we do with children. Not only building the relationship with the parents, children and  colleagues but to teach the children from a young age to also communicate well and to help them to learn to build their own relationships with us, the children around them and everywhere else that they meet other people. Book used for information: Level 3 Diploma Children Young peoples Workforce Early Learning and Childcare by Penny Tassoni, Kate Beith, Kath Bulman and Sue Griffin

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And What I Say Essay -- essays research papers

The Great Depression lasted from October 24, 1929 until the economic recovery of the 1940s. On October 29, Black Thursday, the stock market crashed heavily, and continued to fall sharply throughout the coming weeks. As a result, the United States and the world were thrown into a decade of poverty and unemployment. The depression affected all sectors of the economy. Farm owners and agricultural workers suffered from falling crop prices. Businesses failed from a lack of investment support and a decline in the ability of the masses to afford their products. Banks closed their doors as the nation's citizens hoarded their money and defaulted on loan payments. Unemployment and abject poverty enveloped the nation. Herbert Hoover was President of the United Sates at the onset of the depression. His message to the people was one of continued belief in recovery, even in the face of worsening conditions. Though he eventually sparked some government action in an effort to curb the effects of the depression, he believed in the power of the economy to right itself without government intervention. The situation did not improve, and dissent grew throughout the nation. Hoover lost the presidency to Franklin Roosevelt in the 1932 election. FDR quickly shifted from a stance of non-intervention to a government policy of regulation and relief. During the first hundred days of his presidency, he and his highly trusted advisors, known as the Brain Trust, created the New Deal. Marshalling a previ...

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How Luxury Brands Were Affected by Recession Essay

Bovis homes group PLC, a leading UK house builder, had to review its corporate plans as a result of the recession and major cuts in government spending on building projects. Gives the high level of change in economic and political environments, is there any point in corporate planning? Justify your answer with reference to the house building industry and/or other organisations or industries you know that have been affected by such changes. (40 marks) Post 2007, global economy has been reeling under recession. Recessionary pressure began with United States economy slowing down; however it has spread globally affecting all countries in some way or the other. Income level, employment have been affected badly. Consumption levels have gone down drastically, which affected consumer dependant countries, such as the UK. Traditionally, luxury brands have not been affected by recession so much, since they have been catering to the higher end class, which is not so affected by the economic downturn. However, in recent past, the luxury has been catering to the inspirational customers, whose consumption patterns are affected due to economic recession. During times like these, companies usually dependant on corporate planning. Some of them in order to grow, others – to survive. Corporate planning is the process of drawing up detailed action plans to achieve an organization’s goals and objectives, taking into account the resources of the organization and the environment within which it operates. Music and books retailer HMV Group became a company that was heavily affected by recession in 2008, as it had to close 60 UK stores in the next 12 months in response to declining sales. The 60 stores set to close represent roughly 10% of the group’s UK High Street presence, which comprises 285 HMV shops and 312 Waterstone’s outlets. The massive store closure of outlets was an attempt to survive, as they has been hammered by competition from digital downloads as well as supermarkets and online retailers undercutting it on price. As well as the store closures, HMV said it would implement other cost-cutting measures that would save it a further ? 10m per year. However HMV’s corporate planning hasn’t proved to be successful, as it turns out HMV’s share price has declined steadily throughout 2010, and the latest drop brings its cumulative fall to more than 75% over the last 13 months. Also the firm’s shares dropped 20% even further after it revealed the sales data, and admitted it was having trouble meeting the terms of a bank loan. As it turns out, HMV’s retail analyst didn’t expected music and DVD market falling that fast, despite their attempts to change their sales mix, offering iPods and live music in order to stay in the market. HMV is repeating Woolworths and Zavvi collapse during the recession. Fox described â€Å"extremely difficult† trading conditions with total sales of physical CDs and DVDs down 10% and 8% respectively against the same six-month period last year. Without a new console to fire the imagination the picture was even worse in video games where sales plunged 12%, a fall that was on top of the 30% slump seen in 2009. â€Å"It is not that value is moving from physical to the digital sales – it is just that value is being lost,† said Fox. Therefore the HMV is facing severe competition and tough times due to recession. Their corporate planning proved to be unsuccessful, they are trying to deal with already dead market, which don’t have any prerequisites to grow in the future. Poundland is complitely different business, with different approach and corporate plan, as they grow during the recession periods. They are aimed at consumer who requires value. Some of that is driven by the economy or the economic conditions, some of that is because the people have low disposable incomes and traditionally that’s been the case, and they have needed to seek value. During tough economic conditions, that was always the case. When US recession just took place, in 2008, poundland started to grow using external growth. At christmas 2008, when Woolworth post-administration 600 stores became available, poundland took 70 of those over three years. Big success from the very beginning was due to , very talented property team, who use a network of agents so they are are constantly searching for new opportunities of expansion. A number of other opportunities have arisen over the years as well and they have been able to convert those quite quickly because they had a new store opening team and a refurbishment programme, which really is about pie-cutting. So there’s a process. The average around 60 stores a year now, so over one a week, which I think is testament to the quality of the team, the sourcing of the stores and the continual improvement in the performance of the business, which of course helps finance those opportunities. In the recession – or difficult economic periods, all decisions needs to be discussed and implemented using professional team, which will make your business distinguish from arising competition. In the conclusion I would like to say that recession is not true for every business. As we have seen above, poundland did well during the recession period, as they targeting those on low-incomes and those, who willing to save, however a situation in a luxury industry differs: The wealthy are not much affected by economic downturn and to use luxury goods is a kind of addiction; it isn’t easy to change the lifestyle even if personal income dropped. The Geneva motor show 2013 is happening right now. Rolls Royce is selling better than they did last year, as is Lamborghini. The Middle East, Russia do not seem to be feeling the crunch for the time being. The general feeling is that desire for the super luxury brands remains high but purchases are being delayed. Lamborghini always under produce and have enough orders to remain keep production going for a long time whilst mass to mid luxury car factories are laying off workers, that is the trend that works in the luxury sector. However, the middle-class luxury brands will be heavily affected due to concept that was stated above with an example of poundland. Surely some of them could be richer during the trouble times, but most are struggling and haven’t the mind to spend freely money for luxury items as before. The wealthy never stop spending, they just change what they spend their money on. For example companies like Hermes, Alfred Dunhill, Vacheron Constatine, and Botega Veneta are designed to be recession proof. Marc Jacobs and Chanel on the other hand will feel the pain. As stated above its all about client base and how corporate plan was developed and implemented.

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Early government Essay - 1529 Words

nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;In early American government there were two emerging political views that were blatantly obvious in the new states; federalists and anti-federalists. In this paper two main topics of interest for each of the parties will be discussed, the role that government should have according to the differing views and the subject of foreign policy. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The role of government as a according to the Federalists They support a stronger federal government. They felt that people cant govern themselves and that a nation must have a way to get rid of debts. Federalists also believed that only a strong central government can ensure states participation in general good. Therefore representation is†¦show more content†¦They did not want to do this. Anti-federalists suspected that the conniving upper crust were pulling off a sinister plot against the lowly common folk. They argued that the Constitution had been drawn up by the aristocratic elements and hence was antidemocratic. They charged that the sovereignty of the states was being submerged and that the individuals freedoms were at risk by the absence of a bill of rights. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The Anti-federalists decried the dropping of annual elections for congressional representatives, the erecting of a federal stronghold ten miles square, the creation of a standing army, the omission of any reference to God, and the procedure of ratifying with only 2/3 of the states. Anti-federalists believed that the sovereignty of the people resided in a single branch of government-the legislature. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Federalist Party position on Foreign policy was quite distinct. They took an aggressive attitude toward France, including undeclared naval war. The justification was that France was being excessively arrogant in American dealings, especially XYZ Affair. Also, France’s government had changed so radically that America no longer thought its treaties were valid. They were semi-aggressive towards Britain. The British violated Neutrality Act and seized cargo; also took sailors. British still possessed forts in America. Jay’s TreatyShow MoreRelatedThe Early American Republic And The Constitution Of Our Multi Faceted Government1242 Words   |  5 Pages, the Early American Republic faced numerous hardships from the beginning. More specifically, the framework, transitioning from the Articles of Confederation to the Constitution of our multi-faceted government deemed itself controversial. In order for one to determine if the transition from the Articles of Confederation to the Constitution was a major roadblock for American politics, we must analyze both standpoints of the argument. The two major views on this divide were the Federalists and Anti-Read MoreUse Of The Government And The Stratification Of Gender Equality During The Early Civilization Of Mesopotamia1411 Words   |  6 Pagesdisplays important cases regarding the king and is a list of rules for all citizens. For future historians, however, it is an opportunity to evaluate the new role of the government and the stratification of both gender and class. Hammurabi’s Code can be used to identify the lack of gender equality during the period of the early civilization of Mesopotamia. It is clear that there is a distinct line between where punishment of a crime differs due to gender. Men in the actual text are referenced toRead MoreFoundation of Orthodoxy and Formation of the Canon1699 Words   |  7 Pagesthere has been much conversation over the rise and fall of the empire. From the government and its ideas to establish an effective common law, to the economic and social status of the culture and what the values and beliefs are for Christians, the foundation of orthodoxy and the formation of the canon becomes quite influential in this process. It is my desire to explain that despite the disputes going on within the early church, the essential matters such as the nature, humanity, and deity of ChristRead More The Book of Acts Essay1068 Words   |  5 PagesThe Book of Acts The book of Acts is known as the birth of the church. Acts recounts the story of the early church from the time of Jesus ascension to Pauls arrival as a prisoner in Rome. Acts was written by the author of Lukes gospel, Luke. Although the author does not name himself, evidence from the book itself proves that the author was Luke. Luke was a physician. Scriptural evidence of this includes Colossians 4:14: Our dear friend Luke, the doctor, and Demas sendRead MoreThe Core Essence Of Servant Leadership From A Biblical Perspective1605 Words   |  7 PagesWorld among the early Christian community. Author and senior lecture of the New Testament Andrew D. Clarke, stated that there were five socio-political parties of Greco-Roman world in which, each group could undoubtedly influenced the emerging Christian community. As a result, the early Christians had to locate themselves as a distinct social community, with different leadership practices, within the five socio-political parties of Greco-Roman. Under these circumstances, the early Christians communityRead MoreThe Fears Of The Federalists And The Jeffersonian Republicans852 Words   |  4 PagesDivision of the Early Republic After the colonies gained independence, the founding fathers soon found that becoming a new independent nation was going to be a difficult task. The biggest task was deciding on the division of power in the government. This issue divided the people into two groups, the federalists and the Jeffersonian republicans. Alexander Hamilton led the federalists and Thomas Jefferson led the republicans. These two important men in history would later show how the challenges ofRead MoreThe Impact of Philosophy on Government 1413 Words   |  6 PagesBetween the time of Machiavelli’s The Prince and Locke’s Second Treatise of Government, the concept of government evolved greatly. There were several philosophers that contributed their ideas and helped build the foundation for the governments we have today. Niccolo Machiavelli, an Italian philosopher, who lived from 1469 – 1527, became well known with his ideas and concepts of government. Machiavelli in his book The Prince, a guide of how to rule dedicated to Lorenzo de’ Medici, rulerRead MoreThe History of American Christians 620 Words   |  3 Pagesto do the will of God. From to converting people into Christians to making a society pleasing to God. Christians in America have been present since the colonial times. In the late 19th century, they were still thriving in the United States. In the early 20th century they were still involved in the broader American culture, committed to shaping public policy and welcome in political life. But as time continued, evangelicals started to create their own subculture, no longer involving themselves in politicsRead MoreThe Implementation Of A Universal Service System906 Words   |  4 Pagessignificant harm should be reported to FACS. The implementation of a universal service system, e.g.:1. Universal parenting education erg: Triple P, for parents with children 3-8, universal home visits to every parent with a new baby.2 Strengthening Early Intervention and Community Based Services e.g., expanding Brighter Futures program, health home visiting for at-risk teenage mothers, 3. Better Protection for Children at Risk e.g.: violence prevention coordination units, review of police responseRead MoreBranches of Philosophy Essay980 Words   |  4 PagesThis essay project with answer different questions to the six branches of Philosophy. The branches are Metaphysics-is something real? Epistemology-How do we know? Ethics-What is right or wrong? Aesthetics- Is something beautiful? Political- What government is best? And Social- How should we act in in society. Six Branches of Philosophy There are six branches of philosophy. There is Metaphysics, Epistemology, Ethics, Aesthetics, Political, and Social. Each branch asks us all specific types of